B.U.R.N. was formed to assist in searching for missing children including the distribution and collection
          of information during these incidents as well as to raise awareness of this growing epidemic.

         When a child goes missing it is critical that we provide a quick response by increasing awareness,
         gathering intelligence and assisting in whatever follow up actions are required by utilizing our
         national team of Biker volunteers.

        We are building a network of “ready to ride” volunteers across the nation.  When a child goes missing,
        these volunteers will be called into action.  We need volunteers who are willing to repost information on missing
        children via the internet and be able to assist in ground efforts in or near
        their area when it arises.  Because we realize that everyone has different schedules and capabilities we only ask that
        you do what you can, when you can.

       Join Team BURN today, make a difference in a child’s life.

        We also recommend visiting http://cfsimissing.com/, our mother organization for more information and information for those
        that want to volunteer but don't ride.

        Like B.U.R.N. on Facebook to get the latest updates on the missing as they are posted. Also add Chuck "Chuckie" Keplar,  
        the National President.

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